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Name:The Lucky 13
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- Every two weeks a set of four prompts will be given. Answer as many as you want.
- There is no limit on how many versions of a character can be in the community. The exception here is obviously when it comes to original characters. I know it shouldn't have to be said but there will be NO copying of another's personal creation.
- Multiple Muse Journals allowed (Journals that house more then one character).
- Roleplay between muses is encouraged.
- Feel free to join the comms ([community profile] thelucky13 and [community profile] thelucky13ooc) and have fun.
- No wank. I repeat, no wank. Have a problem with a player? Ignore them.
- I as mod will not boot people for no reason.
- If you speak of a muse not in the community, or represented multiple times it is easier to note who you mean. Unless it's general or not binding on any specific one. Just don't expect people to play along with things.
- Rules are simple.
- Have Fun. Enjoy the crack of your muse talking to another version of themselves if there is one.

[community profile] thelucky13: The main community, making lists of 13 things.
[community profile] thelucky13ooc: for ooc intros of characters, do an intro list of 13 things to know. You can do this IC or OOC or both if adventurous. Also used for plotting if you are up for that.

[community profile] musebysentence, [community profile] muserevival, [community profile] wayswithwords
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