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5.1 - 13 things you loved about Valentine's Day.

5.2 - 13 things you hated about Valentine's Day.

5.3 - 13 people you'd rather be.

5.4 - 13 dreams you had (during sleep, or things you've dreamed of doing).

5.5 - 13 broken promises (made or received).
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4.1 - 13 things you'd do differently.

4.2 - 13 ways you'd change the world.

4.3 - 13 things you regret.

4.4 - 13 things you could live without.

4.5 - 13 of your favorite foods.

4.6 - 13 of your favorite songs.
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[Sorry it's late for anyone waiting. I was sick but I'll give 6 this week to make up for it.]

3.1 - 13 words you hate using.

3.2 - 13 things you'd save if the world was ending.

3.3 - 13 things you don't believe in.

3.4 - 13 relationships that matter most.

3.5 - 13 of your favorite beverages.

3.6 - 13 things you never want to go through again.
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untilitkillsyou: (Kisses)
1. Right along my throat. It's just a really nice feeling.
2. The shell of my ear, just a place that really gets to me.
3. In the same vein, my earlobe. It just starts this rising up inside and drives me crazy.
4. All across my jaw.
5. Along my inner thigh.
6. Underside of my cock.
7. Curled up on the couch relaxing after a long day.
8. In the shower.
9. Against the wall of Stage.
10. Along my spine, sends a nice sensation through my body.
11. Lips which is an obvious answer somewhat.
12. Soft kisses peppered over my shoulder.
13. Laying in bed on my side, beautiful woman curled up with me.

Jason Walsh | The Unsuals
itswhoyouare: (love; romantic kiss)
13 places you like to be kissed.
1. Lips
2. Neck
3. Shoulder
4. Jaw
5. Cheek
6. Over my scar Back
7. Temple
8. Hip
9. In the rain
10. Against a wall
11. In bed
12. In the shower
13. At the office in stealth mode of course

Det. Anna Morasca
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Taken from cases I've worked as a homicide detective.

1. garbage chute
2. dumpster
3. salt truck
4. bushes in Central Park
5. haunted abandoned monastery
6. trunk of car that was sent to junkyard and crushed
7. dashboard of a big truck
8. at the docks between shipping containers
9. the end zone at Giants Stadium
10. water tower on the roof of an apartment building
11. container of hotel sheets
12. wrapped up in an oriental rug
13. a sunken shipwreck in the East River

muse: Don Flack Jr
fandom: CSI:NY
girlwiththeshots: (jack/sam-almost kissing)
1. lips
2. neck
3. ear
4. shoulder
5. forehead
6. cheek
7. hip over tattoo
8. inner thigh
9. in Jack's office
10. in bed
11. wet kisses in the shower
12. kitchen while making dinner
13. relaxing on couch watching tv

Jack = [personal profile] thefollowingtakesplace 

Samantha Flack - CSI:NY
justbeingaqueen: (Snuggles [Bed])
1. Blaine
2. If Blaine will be okay when I go away
3. Blaine's bum
4. If my dad is eating well when he's in DC
5. Blaine's lips
6. Will I ever catch a fricken break?
7. Blaine's smile
8. Does long distance really work?
9. Blaine's arms
10. How one still thinks a mohawk is acceptable fashion in 2012
11. Blaine's eyes
12. Will I survive without Glee Club?
13. Sex...

Kurt Hummel ★ [personal profile] justbeingaqueen // GLEE (Blaine is always [personal profile] rockstarwarbler)
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1. My neck.
2. Along my jaw.
3. Outside when it's nice out.
4. Along the shell of my ear.
5. Along my chest.
6. Curled up on a couch.
7. The nape of my neck.
8. My shoulders.
9. In bed, boring I know.
10. In the rain.
11. Right at my temples.
12. Along my well, I'm sure not going to say it.
13. Right where my neck and shoulder meet, a little nips just makes it better.

Muse | Luke Cafferty
Fandom | Friday Night Lights
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2.1 - 13 things you think about.

2.2 - 13 places to hide a body.

2.3 - 13 places you like to be kissed. (can be physical places, or places on your body)
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clowngirl: (♦ Peace out suckers!)

1. Giganto Mallet.
Does NOT make me look like a certain watermelon-smashing comedian, no matter what Hol says!

2. Pop-Gun.
Locked and loaded with everything from corks to confetti, bullets to boxing gloves.

3. Home-Made Explosives.
For when a gal needs to go out with a bang.

4. Harley Quinn's Famed Fists and Feet of Fury.


5. Rubber Chicken.
Brick inside optional but more effective.

6. Bola Yo-Yos.

7. Marotte.
What? It's a traditional jester's staff! Look it up!

8. Hyenas.
Sure, they're pets. Family, even! But their bite is worse than their giggle.

9. Harley Quinn's Lesser-Famed Genius.
No, seriously!

10. Joker Toxin.
Not my shtick, but it always gets a smile.

11. Bazooka.
Bigger is better.

12. Slingshot.
What can I say? I'm a menace.

13. Harley Quinn's Surely Indisputable Sex Appeal.


[Harley Quinn ♦ DC Comics]
justbeingaqueen: (Pouty [Puppy])
1. Really bad fashion
2. Cheap tactics to win
3. Nose picking
4. Gender divides
5. Homophobia
6. Having religion shoved down my throat
7. Poor hygiene
8. Being told I can't do something I want to try
9. Anchovies on pizza
10. Being outbid on eBay
11. Shopping at Gap (long story)
12. Miserable check-out chicks, a smile won't kill you
13. Rejection

Kurt Hummel ★ [personal profile] justbeingaqueen // GLEE
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Remember to list your character name and fandom. Tags will be set up as things are posted.

1.1: 13 pet peeves.

1.2: 13 things you say when angered.

1.3: 13 things you remember about your childhood.

1.4: 13 favorite weapons.
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